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good morning, sharon has an
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accident to talk about. marty has the first warning weather. >> i have an accident to talk about, my alarm clock went off this morning. i think that today is going to be a good day, coast to coast. no one has day long, really foul weather in the forecast. for here, it will be a sunny day and hot and humid. 89 at lounge and -- at lunch and on its way to it. 72 now and 87 at dinner. we're doing the fireworks downtown. it should be a gorgeous evening. >> where is the mishap? here's sharon with more. hi, don, well, only one mishap at hillen road. watch for it. apparently, they're blocking the road. nothing too serious. meantime, in arbutus, there are
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road closures for a parade. that's going to be for the 4th of july parade. taking a live look outside, if you're heading out, you won't run into anything now. everything is wide open there at 70 and 29. no issues at 50 either. for traffic information any time, go to back to you. thank you, so much and here's what people will be discussing today. u.s. mission in afghanistan, three united states senators are in country and criticizing the president's plan for it. here's joel brown with the latest. >> reporter: key senators are raising doubts about the withdrawal plan. this may have undercut the momentum. i hope i'm wrong. >> reporter: they called the plan too risky. the plan, which the president
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unveiled calls for pulls out 10,000 troops by the end of this year and 23,000 gone by next summer. >> i hope it will work out. it's certainly depriving us that we needed for the second fighting season. >> reporter: the obama administration is standing by the plans. especially, the killing of osama bin laden have made it possible. al-queda is under more pressure than since any time sense 9/11. >> reporter: stilling the deadly raid shows insurgents aren't willing to go quietly. >> if we don't succeed, we'll be attacked again. >> reporter: while the debate continues, american troops are carrying on with their mission and preparing to hand security back to the afghan people. the draw down will begin this month. in washington, joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news. there are some serious
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questions about the infrastructure this morning. this is after an arrest warrant for the man who runs the central bank in afghanistan. he's ignoring fraud there. the nation is trying to hammer out a deal. democrats want tax increases to raise the debt ceiling. the republicans say no new taxes is a promise they've made and they intend to keep it. >> to say we'll raise american's taxes, anyone's taxes, that's something that we have to stick to. >> reporter: the republicans want 2 trillion dollars in spending cuts and no tax decreases. >> >> the investigation in georgia
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of a missing -- law school student continues today. the detectives are talking to several persons of interests. an allegany county man is presumed dead after a boat he was riding in flipped over saturday. andrea fujii is live on this story. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the drive teams will be back this morning looking for the man's body. the boat was going fast before it crashed. dive teams in pennsylvania are searching the lake for a missing-year-old man -- for a missing 50-year-old man. >> we were like, wow, that boat is flying by and then, the boat rolled, 15 feet off of the water. we rushed over to the scene.
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i had two other guys jump in the water with me. >> reporter: the witnesses rescued two other people. >> the lady and the two boys were breathing and everything. i asked the mother of the one boy, is there anyone else on the boat and she said yes, her brother. >> reporter: the boys were both teens. >> i stayed out with the boat sinking and i went in the boat and couldn't find him. >> reporter: the rescuers will use sonar technology. the water is 100 feet deep. several city civil war reenactors are hospitalized after a thunderstorm hit their camp site. they'll all survive. a rough night is over for
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15,000 bge customers who lost power late last night. the storms moved through the area and knocked out power primarily in the city and anne arundel county. all but 1700 outages have been restored at this point. don't be surprised if you see more police this morning. it's part of a crack down on aggressive driving. >> reporter: good morning, the police plan on having extra hands on deck as they target aggressive driving. we're cutting you off, in and off all the time. >> the tailgating drives you crazy. >> people shift lanes quickly and not signaling. that makes things more intimidating. >> reporter: the police are launching the second wave of their smooth operator campaign, targeting aggressive driving.
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>> any violations, our officers will take action. >> reporter: they'll look for speeding, tailgating and unsafe lane changing and people who disobey traffic signs. >> there's an entitlement that they matter more. that drives me crazy. >> reporter: drunk driving is another big no-no. >> it's a holiday season and people want to enjoy themselves, don't get behind the wheel. >> i drive aggressively. >> reporter: it's a warning this driver will take with him. >> slow down and keep an eye out for the police, i guess. >> reporter: it's not just maryland, but washington, d.c. and pennsylvania and more will have the smooth operator campaigns in full effect this week. and the tipsy taxi program is offering free rides home in
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baltimore city for those drinking on the 4th of july. you can call for more information. that number is available at most bars and restaurants in the area. derek jeter is ready to return to the lineup. he went 1-2 yesterday. he had a right calf strain. he'll be in his 12th all-star game. an oriole will be heading to the game as well. he'll be the first oriole to join the game since 1989. he'll play in texas tonight. later, with a one run lead,
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kevin gregg gets chipper jones out and the orioles win it, 5- 4. now, despite the tough economy, the fireworks business is booming. there will be more than 14,000 shows across the country. in spite of cancellations in some communities. the revenue climbed through the recession. the sales are going sky high. the industry generated $952 million in sales. this year, it's going to be better. i saw the show saturday night with the with bso playing. at the end, there were fireworks that looked like they jumped towards you. i was calling them 3-d fireworks. my son pointed out, they're all
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3-d. maybe these were 4-d. well, we were talk about it -- talking about it. oh! maybe it was adam may's story. there are new, different fireworks. they gave the names. i wanted to see what they looked like. >> well, the -- >> hold on! how many bottles of wine were you into the night? >> i had a glass of wine or two. you could call them hd fireworks. just brighter and richer in color and they jumped out at you. >> it seems like over the past 15, 20 years. you see that heart there. the fireworks industry has really gotten hip. it's going to be a beautiful night tonight. that's wherever you're watching. did the bso do their thing,
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too? yes. let's look at the forecast. the weather will be gorgeous tonight. we'll take a chance of thunderstorms out of the forecast. there's the wind shift that came through the area. 90 is the high and another beautiful day tomorrow. we'll have a high temperature in the low 90s. dinner time temperature about 87. i'm guessing, fireworks probably still in the low 80s? you know what? it will be a beautiful evening. i hope you enjoy whatever you do. baby, you're a firework! let me see your colors work! katy perry was on cbs sunday morning. they did a great piece on her. go to the website if you haven't seen it. >> by the way, i want to invite
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you back to the mammouth manic monday meltdown in november. >> i'll be here. we're happy to have this group. it's going to be fabulous. 4th of july, manic monday, studio j in front of jimmy's in fells point. we have baltimore's cab drivers, when the eyewitness news morning edition continues. nicotine cravings make smoking one of the most powerful addictions. try only nicoderm cq has smartcontrol technology... for twenty-four hour craving protection to help you quit for good. try nicoderm cq today. [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster.
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yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. 71 degrees now and winds are calm. the barometer is at 29.88. mid-60s in western maryland and 67 in ocean city, down from 77. low 70s. downtown easton and pax river. the district, 74 and 73 in rock
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hall, kent isle and annapolis. greater columbia at 71. we pushed the wind shift through the area last night. we had zesty thunderstorms rolling through. 90 degrees is the high. if you have this week as vacation, it's a good vacation week. 62 is the low and we'll call it a high of 92 degrees. maybe a thunderstorm on wednesday, 90 and thursday, friday, saturday, all three days, sunshine and temperatures in the low 90s. cab drivers will take care of all of the other drivers. here's sharon gibala with traffic control. we have an accident, watch for it between northern parkway and waynes worth road. otherwise, there's a road closure on oregon avenue. that's for the 4th of july parade.
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if you're heading out on the main roads, everything's at full speed. we don't expect delays out there due to volume. there's a live look at 95 in and out of the fort mchenry tunnel. same thing for the westside of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. back to you, marty and don, oh, and actually, manic monday. ♪ just another manic monday, i wish it was sunday. that's my fun day, my i don't have to run day. >> good morning, ronnie. i'm noticing, behind the group of singer, we have a few cool looking cars. >> we'll show them and we're proud to have them on this star spangled 4th of july. i want to get this right.
6:19 am
it's, which cabs? >> arrow and county cab drivers >> three, two, one, arrow and county cab drivers. [ cheers and applause ] . >> how are you? >> we're doing great, how are you? >> we're doing great, we appreciate you coming down. >> i'm lady t! the roadster. hello to everyone at arrow and county cab and my mom and family and don and marty. >> you're the supervisor? >> yes, i am. there's always a challenge. >> i had two uncles who were cab drivers. people don't appreciate what a difficult job it is and the job
6:20 am
you have to do on a daily basis. thank you for doing it. >> there's something else we need to point out. i came here in '77. you couldn't find a cab on the streets. now, there are cabs, i'm talk, licensed cab drivers everywhere. people found out, on a weekend, particularly, my daughter's generation, if you're going out to party, get a cab. >> there you go, they're nice indeed. i want to introduce you to this couple. what are you doing down here? >> we're down here to see the 4th of july fireworks on the boat. we wanted to see this live and now, we get the opportunity. >> thank you. >> you know who he resembles. larry davis!
6:21 am
>> yes, he does. >> you look like larry davis from "curb your enthusiasm." >> here's the picture. there's larry davis. for anyone that doesn't know. there's larry davis and here's this gentlemen. nice seeing you. >> what time should i be at the boat? >> 9:30! >> i know we have to run. >> no, we don't. we have nothing to do today. >> the meter's not running. >> i have to say hello to everyone at thekostas inn in dundalk. everyone, i was there last night. the place was just rocking! the steamed crabs were off the hook. >> there you go.
6:22 am
>> we love you. thank you, so much. >> we just about ready to do it? >> hold on, i have to get my twanger. >> by the way, happy birthday to peter and pam shriver. >> joe! >> happy 4th of july to maryland. >> luther, good morning. happy independence day. >> good morning, marty and don, happy fourth and i hope you have a good day. >> you, too. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> we're ready to rock 'n' roll. it's manic monday in fells point. >> we have the arrow and county cab drivers. we're ready to rock out. stand by.
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♪ 6:00, already, i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. i can't be late, because then i just won't get paid, show me the money! these are the days when you wish your bed was already made. it's just another manic monday. oh, oh, i wish it were sunday. oh, oh, that's my fun day. that's my fun day, my i don't have to run day. just another manic monday ♪ >> awesome!
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welcome back to the mammouth manic monday meltdown melt down in november. bring the cabs! >> larry, i stepped into the prize closet. i got you a fabulous cbs coffee mug. enjoy. thank you for setting it up. give yourselves a big hand. >> that little girl in the pink, bring her forward. i know they want you to wrap it up quick. come on over. >> she said no. >> she's so beautiful. >> this is my grand daughter. >> she's a beautiful little thing. >> all right, thank you, so much. have a great fourth. happy 4th of july. have a safe one. see ya! >> we can say this morning, ron called two cabs. >> she was told not to talk to >> she was told not to talk to ,,,,,,ers and she didn't.
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big booms and bright colors. we'll show you what you'll see
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in the sky tonight. i'm sharon gibala with traffic control. if you're about to head out, watch for closures for the 4th of july parades. right now, let's send it to marty. >> it was nominated for 10 aquadmy a-- academy awards. barry peppers is joining us with more on coffee with. stay tuned. we'll come right back. >>. ,,,,,,,,,,,, -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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well, it looks like it's going to be a hot 4th of july. >> well that's kind of the way we want it to be, to be honest about it.
6:32 am
72 degrees this morning and 89. when is hawaii having a bad day though? 87 this evening. we're still in the low 80s, it's going to be comfortable for what's a beautiful, beautiful celebration for the 4th of july. that's downtown at the inner harbor this evening. how about the holiday and the highways. as you would expect it, it's quiet. just one accident on hillen road. it's not a big deal. that's a car off of the road. meantime, at 7:00 a.m. in arbutus, that will be closed for the 4th of july parade. there's a look at the speeds on the beltway. as you would imagine, they're at full speed at liberty road. there's a live look at the fort mchenry tunnel. this is brought to you by your
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toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. at the top of the news, courtroom fireworks in the casey anthony murder trial. the defense attorney calls out the prosecutor. >> the truth is the truth. depending on who's asking the questions, whether it's this laughing guy or myself. >> objection, approach the bench. >> both attorneys apologized. as for the case itself, the trial will enter a new phase today as the jurors begin their deliberation. >> reporter: casey anthony's defense spent its final hours in front of the jury. >> the reason you don't have the evidence that they're trying to find is because it's an unprovable case. >> reporter: they tried to discredit the state's charge
6:34 am
that the 25-year-old suffocated her 2-year-old daughter with chloroform and duck tape. then, they.ed -- they pointed the finger at anthony's father. they were not allowed to bring up allocations that he molested his daughter. many of the seven women and five men are tied. --tired. they've finally expected to deliberate today. first, the prosecution will have the final word. >> we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied so that caylee went peacefully. the prosecution claims that she killed her daughter because she no longer wanted to be a
6:35 am
mom. the defense says she drowned accidentally. the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of raping her reportedly called a friend and said she knew what she was doing 32-year-old maid was regularly paid for sex at the hotel. a man is missing after a boating accident over the weekend. andrea fujii is here with the latest. >> reporter: severe weather, hot temperatures and the depth of the water are all complicating search efforts dive teams will be back in the water later on this morning. dive teams in pennsylvania are searching the lake for a missing 50-year-old man from cumberland. his boat was going up to 80 miles per hour when it crashed. >> we were like, wow, that
6:36 am
boat's flying by. the boat rolled, 15 feet off of the water. >> we rushed over to the scene. we had two other guys with me. >> i started throwing life jackets and everything. the lady and the two boys, they were breathing and -- everything. they said her brother was also in the water. >> reporter: the two boys were both teens. >> i stayed out with the driver. i couldn't find them. >> the officials were investigating whether speed was a factor. >> the the identity of the missing man isn't released to us. >> a man was shot and killed at a club saturday morning shooter is still on the loose.
6:37 am
there are causes for this counsel woman to give up her seat. she'll be required to step down when she's sentenced in rock. >> sentenced in october. a motorcycle rider dies in a crash in new york state during a ride to protest the helmet laws. he was riding in the annual protest run when he hit his head on the pavement. the paramedics say he would have survived the fall if he were wearing a helmet. thousands of gallons of crude oil spilled into the river. they spilled 40,000-gallons of oil into the water way. hundreds have been asked to evacuate their homes.
6:38 am
's no damage to wild life at this point. the orioles are facing the rangers in texas after getting a win in atlanta. and in the air to left field! he did it! good-bye home run, it was a bomb. >> reporter: the two run homer lifted the orioles to a 5-4 win. and, just about 15 hours to go until the fireworks fill the night's sky. adam may has more. >> reporter: good morning, the shows are planned for all across the state tonight. of course, the biggest one will be downtown baltimore. >> they're loading fireworks and wiring fuses. >> we've been out here four days. >> for this year's fireworks show. >> that's an awesome show. we have half moons. >> and other new fireworks
6:39 am
called stained class -- glass. >> the show is 18 minutes long. if you other down there in the inner harbor, you can hear it. >> while the details are hush, we hear there's a special song with the national aquarium them. >> we look for the crowd to scream, awesome show! it's a great feeling. >> there will be concerts all afternoon and evening. happy 4th of july, everyone. back to you, don. >> wjz is a proud sponsor of the chesapeake fireworks show. it should begin at dark at 9:00 -- 9:30. >> nice try, matt! >> we were talking about how
6:40 am
cool the fireworks had gotten. adam mentioned the jelly fish. we've been talking about this off the air. we've been talking about the fireworks, jelly fish. so, matt, the producer. i wanted to show you, matt, in the control room. take a bow on this one, matt. he sends me this. in other words, oh, my gosh, i found it. can i show you what he found? real jelly fish. >> it's really lighting up though. >> oh, well, we tried. okay, very good. that's a jelly fish, the grateful dead song. well, it's going to be a fine day. 89 at lunch and on the way to 91. take a bow on that one, man. i'm thinking today.
6:41 am
>> do you want a band-aid for your finger? >> you didn't take a bow. >> take a bow, matt. this is our producer, matt simon. >> fellow bearded gentlemen. >> nice jelly fish. >> we tried. >> the temperature will be about 90 as a high. it won't be as comfortable as 90-degrees yesterday. let's go back to the graphic. it's going to be sunny all day long. hot, humid, and tolerable. 87 at dinner. fireworks in the low 80s. it will be a gorgeous, gorgeous evening. wjz is proud to be a sponsor, proud to be involved with the fireworks at the inner harbor. >> coming up, it's actor barry pepper on "true grit."
6:42 am
they stayed true to the original movie. the coen brothers put their own touch on it. here's what he has to say about the detector -- director. >> coming up, it's quiet this morning, to be honest about it. we'll have the first warning weather and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's agenteddable morn -- it's a gentle morning in maryland this morning. mid-70s d.c., ocean city and annapolis and kent island and rock hall. westminster and bel air, 68 degrees. we involved a wind shift through the area last night. it will be a comfortable 90 as opposed to a stuffy, hot and humid 90. it will feel like the way we
6:46 am
want it to feel. high pressure into the area. lit control the weather for this week. this is one of the biggest vacation weeks of the year. it's comfortable in the morning. we'll call it a high of 92. maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast for wednesday afternoon. 90 is the high. thursday, friday, saturday, just gorgeous. don, take it away. once again, here's sharon gibala with traffic control. well, good morning. we cleared up the one and only accident for the morning. we have two closures to talk about. one at 7:00 a.m. it's oregon avenue and arbutus. that's for the parade. then a second closure attaboysly avenue. that's goingtoo be bosley avenue.
6:47 am
traffic is still virtually nonexistent. and then a look at the westside of the beltway at liberty road. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time, save more in the long run. real quick. eight ball, jeff, thank you for finding that picture. that's a jelly fish firework. >> i can see it! >> that will be so cool and beautiful. this morning's coffee with is about the remake of "true grit." the dvd is coming out. >> barry, welcome to the eyewitness news -- eyewitness news morning edition. [ cheers and applause ] . it's a matter of time before the box set. how are you today? >> i'm great. this dvd contains some great behind the scenes that people will enjoy. >> give me one good behind the
6:48 am
scenes. >> well, the coen brothers are very unique in the sense they're laser focused on the dialect and the costumes and all. there's no inacronyms. you'll get to see how detail oriented they are. their story board is so meticulously crafted. yeah, it's a testament to their fidelity to the original source material. their directing style is unlike anything i've been involved in. >> i was looking at the section on recreating port smith. that ought to be cool. >> yeah, that's the great thing with them. everything was on location up in the mountains and the forests and it snowing and icy
6:49 am
cold rivers and the towns. nothing was down on a studio back lot. it has a heightened environment. >> so, you get the gig and you find out you're working with jeff bridges. what shall what was that like -- what was that like? >> well, he'll always be the dude to me. >> no question! >> yeah, he did abide. >> when we met for the first time, we read opposite the girls and we found hailey seinfeld, it was a great experience. after that, he and it went into the wardrobe room and started picking out the pieces of the character costumes. that was really cool, watching
6:50 am
him transform himself into rooster cogburn. just putting on the skin of the character and watching him transform from the dude that he is very much like day-to-day into this completely, amazing characterization. it was something else. >> hey, listen, you took me inside the ropes. so they allowed you to go in and say, here's what i would like my look to be. the coen brothers, you don't add an um to a piece of dialogue, it has to be exact. that's big work. >> well, they definitely are there with you, working through it. there's certain latitude with the aspects. the dialogue. you know, because it's a faith rendering of the original novel.
6:51 am
the dialect and dialogue is so unique. it fits the coen brothers like a cat skin glove. it has this music with it. it's like a western -- you have to acquire an ear for it. as with the costumes and the pistol you want to wear, that's more interpretive. >> they give you a chance to create your character a little bit. that's neat. >> hey, we always do these things. you took us deep inside the ropes. well done, barry. and not just that, but we're dealing with a satellite delay that the mars rovers don't deal with. it's unbelievable. well done.
6:52 am
>> thank you. >> there it is. "true grit." dvd. bye bye. >> pleasure. >> he'll say bye bye in about 30 seconds. >> okay, we'll take a break and be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
-dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh.
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a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> >> we're in the low 70s now.
6:55 am
not as stuffy as yesterday. now, over to sharon gibala with traffic control. good morning. hi, there, marty, it's a good morning on the roads if you have to hit them only a few issues out there. both are parade closure. oregon avenue will be closed for the 4th of july parade. a second parade causing closures on bosley avenue. all of the major roadways are at full speed. there's a live look at liberty road on the westside of the beltway. there's a look at 95 at the fort mchenry tunnel. this is brought to you by h.h. greg. watch the most exciting games of the year on the latest tv. h.h. greg, price and advice, guaranteed. back to you. [no audio] there was a boating accident over the weekend.
6:56 am
witnesses say that the boat may have been going 80 miles per hour when it flipped over. three others were in the boat and they're all surviving. the investigation into a missing maryland pizza experience is continuing in -- missing maryland woman is continuing in georgia today. the police are trying to find out if a body is hers. a rough night is almost over for nearly all of 13,000 bge customers during the night. the storms knocked out the power to homes in the southern part of the city. all but 800 outages have been restored. more on the casey anthony murder trial, prosecutors wrapped up the case as have the defense.
6:57 am
did they do enough to get a convic,, can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great
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